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Your feedback is valuable to us!

As Polmot Motor Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. and Test Laboratory, our primary goal is to be an innovative and pioneering company in the Submersible Motor and Submersible Pump Sector by providing world-class service and ensuring customer satisfaction.
We would like you to know that we accept a customer-oriented approach as our main principle, that we handle all the feedback you convey to us objectively, fairly, impartially, transparently and confidentially, and that we aim to provide unconditional customer satisfaction by examining customer complaints effectively and efficiently.
Within the scope of the Customer Satisfaction Management Process, we aim to provide quality products and services to our customers in line with the opinions they convey to us through different channels.

Polmot Müşteri Memnuniyet Süreci
Polmot Müşteri Memnuniyet Süreci

Our Communication Channels

You can contact us using all communication channels so that our customers can easily convey their opinions.

+90 332 239 11 13
+90 332 239 11 56

Postal Address:Polmot Motor Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Büyükkayacık Osb Mah. 103. Cd. No:15, Selçuklu/Konya (Turkey) Complaints submitted through all communication channels are recorded and all incoming requests are evaluated as an opportunity for improvement.

Polmot Müşteri Memnuniyet Süreci


Customer complaints are recorded and evaluated by customer representatives. Our customers are informed that the complaints are recorded.
Any personal information shared is kept in accordance with the privacy policy.

Evaluation and Detailed Research

The principles of impartiality and customer satisfaction are observed when evaluating complaints. Complaints are investigated and evaluated by customer representatives and personnel who are not the subject of the complaint. Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction in the first meeting. Complaints that cannot be resolved in the first meeting are directed to the relevant experts and the issues requiring detailed research are finalised by examining the data and making determinations.

When our research is finalised, you will be notified by e-mail or telephone to the contact address in your feedback. If it is determined that your feedback cannot be resolved during this period due to the research process, you will be notified that the research continues. It is aimed to produce an immediate solution that will ensure the satisfaction of our customers by conducting all necessary investigations on complaints that may arise from our products and processes.

Polmot Müşteri Memnuniyet Süreci
Polmot Müşteri Memnuniyet Süreci

Adjudication and Reply

Finalising customer complaints as soon as possible is the first priority of our company. All complaints are evaluated objectively and fairly in a customer-oriented manner, and the complaint record is finalised when our customers are satisfied with the information communicated to them.

Continuous Improvement

We evaluate and implement the feedback received by our company as an opportunity to continuously improve all our business processes. We continuously review and improve our processes, product and service quality by determining corrective actions to prevent recurrence of complaints. When the most frequent recurring problems are identified, root cause analysis is performed to identify the root cause and necessary arrangements are made to prevent recurrence.

Polmot Müşteri Memnuniyet Süreci