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To be an innovative and pioneering company in the Submersible Motor and Submersible Pump Sector,

To evaluate strategic growth opportunities,

To produce products suitable for the environment and human health in line with customer needs and expectations,

To carry out and continuously improve the requirements of the existing Management Systems in accordance with the relevant standards with a process approach and leadership approach,

To prevent environmental pollution and minimise waste by evaluating the life cycle approach,

To encourage the participation of employees in occupational health and safety activities and to provide an open communication environment,

Protection from injury and occupational disease by minimising hazards and risks,

To carry out the necessary work to raise awareness of our employees and business partners on occupational health and safety, environment and quality issues,

Working with the principle of zero accident in occupational health and safety,

To continuously improve all our processes by effectively managing risks and opportunities with a risk-based thinking approach,

We accept a customer-oriented approach as our main principle, 

To ensure that we handle all requests and complaints of our customers objectively, fairly, impartially, transparently and confidentially, and to provide unconditional customer satisfaction by examining customer complaints effectively and efficiently,

To carry out and continuously improve our work in accordance with Customer Satisfaction, Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, TS 11146, TS EN 60034 requirements, primary and secondary legislation requirements, laws, regulations, national and international standards,

We adopt and undertake to provide resources with the awareness of respect for POLMOT values, environment and society as our management systems policy.