Get to Know Us


The submersible motor and pump sector, which we met in the early 2000s, gave us and our valued customers a new breath with the machine production experience we had before.

Since those days, we have been producing 5"-6"7"-8"-10" submersible motors and pumps, which are the main needs of the sector.

In our 16.000 m² closed area facility built on 30.000 m² land in Konya Organised Industrial Zone,

We continue our investments without slowing down with our production lines with superior technology and modern machine park.

We experienced the happiness of always having a say in the market with quality production by joining forces with Caprari S.p.A, a world brand in the sector, in 2013.

Our company, which has TSE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and CE certificates, exports a large part of the submersible motors and pumps it produces and is the supplier of many international brands in both domestic and world markets.

We know how challenging and exciting it is to produce.

Our excitement and success are for our valued customers...