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The submersible motor and pump industry, which we met in the early 2000s, brought a new breath to us and our valued customers with the machinery production experience we had before. Since those days, we have been producing 5”-6”7”-8”-10” submersible motors and pumps, which are the main needs of the sector. We continue our investments without slowing down with our production lines with superior technology and modern machinery in our 16,000 m² closed area facility built on 30,000 m² of land in Konya Organized Industrial Zone. We experienced the happiness of always having a say in the market with quality production by joining forces with Caprari S.p.A., a world brand in the sector, in 2013. Our company, which has TSE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and CE certificates, exports most of the submersible motors and pumps it produces and is a supplier of many international brands both in the domestic and world markets.


To be a highly competitive company that directs the sector in local and international markets.


To offer high quality/affordable price products to domestic and international customers, constantly analyzing their demands and constantly renewing themselves through effective R&D studies.

İbrahim POLAT

The Founder / Kurucu

From Past To Present


In October, Polmot Motor Makina Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Ltd. It was founded by Ayhan Polat and Hüseyin Polat to produce the Submersible Motors that Turkey needs. It started its operations in a 2,000 m2 closed area. The first R&D studies were started in November as a 6” engine design. POLDAP Brand has been registered. POLMOT Brand has been registered. The construction foundation was laid on 14.08.2013 on 25,500 m2 of land in the 4th O.S.B., which was purchased to expand the production facility. The type was changed from Limited Company to a Joint Stock Company. On 17.12.2013, the Italian brand Caprari S.p.A., the world leader in the pump industry, was established. by selling shares to the company; Polmot 50%, Caprari 50% partnership was realized. In 2020, it added value to our country's economy by being among the top 5 exporting companies in the electric motors, generators and parts product group.


Our Quality Policie

To be an innovative and leading company in the Submersible Motor and Submersible Pump Industry, To evaluate strategic growth opportunities, To produce products suitable for the environment and human health in line with customer needs and expectations, To carry out and continuously improve the existing Management Systems requirements in accordance with the standards related to the process approach and leadership approach, Preventing environmental pollution and minimizing waste by evaluating the life cycle approach, Encouraging employee participation in occupational health and safety studies and providing an open communication environment, Protecting from injuries and occupational diseases by minimizing hazards and risks, Occupational health and safety of our employees and business partners, environmental To carry out the necessary studies to raise awareness on occupational health and safety issues, to work with the principle of zero accidents in occupational health and safety, to continuously improve all our processes by effectively managing risks and opportunities with a risk-based thinking approach, to accept a customer-oriented approach as our main principle, to meet all the wishes and demands of our customers. We handle complaints objectively, fairly, impartially, transparently and confidentially, and ensure unconditional customer satisfaction by examining customer complaints effectively and efficiently. Our work is based on Customer Satisfaction, Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, TS 11146, TS EN We adopt and undertake to implement and continuously improve in accordance with the requirements of 60034, primary and secondary legislation, laws, regulations, national and international standards, and to provide resources with the awareness of respect for POLMOT values, the environment and society, as our management systems policy.

Registered Quality